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1. Empa K EmpaK Process Packing process ( for Kayser Automotive )

3. We will describe below the EmpaK process from the software side: 1. Login using username and password ( only the authorized users has permissions to start the process ) 2. Then, if the sample piece is not on the production order, then the program not continues. 3. If the sample piece is the same of the production order, then the program counter starts. If not the operator needs to verify if the product is correct. The counter and checker is started. Software side

4. The checker & counter 1. Every machine cycle the program prints an individual product label. 2. After the first step, the operator paste the label on the product, scan it and package it. 3. When the first ropak ( packing ) is complete, the program prints a SAP green label automatically. 4. The operator continues with the next ropak ( packing ) and so on. 5. When the order is complete the process ends and the operator can start the next production order. This software and hardware was tested and is running in Kayser Automotive Mexico.

2. EmpaK Process This document will describe the EmpaK Process developed by InterGlobal Systems Consultants for Kayser Automotive Systems México. This process was created for: 1. Less time for packing. 2. Less mistakes printing labels. 3. Direct connection with the PLC of the machine. ( any 24v pulse ) 4. Prints automatically the labels. 5. Saves the history from each printed label. 6. Works with SAP connection or without SAP connection. ( creating temporally local database ) 7. It is possible to improve the process and it is possible to develop in conjunction with other programming languages. 8. Customized ( to Kayser Automotive México ) software and hardware.


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