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1. K Intelligenz Finance module Sales, Budget & Credit Control

5. This tool provides some automated reports in PDF format for printing or emailing. The solution includes installation, fine tunning, maintenance and technical support for one year or more. Additional benefits

3. Currently with this tool, the comparison between data is done in an automated way. SAP data are simply exported and inserted into the platform. After inserting the data the graphs are generated automatically and is possible review information from the past. Getting the data

4. Running on every device This software can be run from a mobile phone to a desktop computer. Only needs a browser and an authorized connection. It is also possible to make improvements in the software by linking different technologies like directly connection with a production machine or a direct connection to SAP. Can be replicate it in other branches and joining all the data in only one platform .

2. Introducing to Finance module K Intelligenz finance module is a customized development to automate the sales vs budget report and credit control report for Kayser Automotive Systems Mexico. The main purpose is to have an agile and useful executive tool to take the best decisions and reduce too much the time of creating reports.


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